Ease of Use Features
SpyAgent has always been known as being extremely easy to use. You can have SpyAgent setup and monitoring in seconds with its built in easy configuration wizard and intuitive graphical interface. SpyAgent can even be tweaked to smoothly monitor slower PC's!
  • Intuitive Interface
    Easy to use, graphical user interface, with intuitive labeled buttons and icons! [screenshot]

  • Easy Configuration Wizard
    Setup SpyAgent in seconds with the built in easy configuration wizard! [screenshot]

  • Log Reports
    SpyAgent has a large set of log reports at your disposal. SpyAgent's report generator can create Top 10 reports and log specific reports for viewing and printing.

  • Log Cross-Referencing
    SpyAgent's built-in cross-referencing features can link together relevant log data for easy and efficient log browsing.

  • Log Searching
    Quickly search all activity logs for specific keywords that may be contained in SpyAgent's logs. [screenshot]

  • Log Filtering
    Use the 'sort by day' feature in SpyAgent to easily view activities that only occurred on a specified date, rather than all activities at once.

Spytech SpyAgent is the perfect utility for logging all actions that users make on your PC workstations. Whether you are a business owner, school instructor, concerned parent, or secure personal user, SpyAgent is for you if you demand highly efficient monitoring and logging power.

SpyAgent's Product Categories: Computer Monitoring, Keystroke Logger, Internet Monitoring, Content Filter

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